Remote Synchronization, Local Synchronization, Backup
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  CrushSync is a powerful synchronization application. It allows you to keep folders backed up on a remote server doing one way synchronization, or with complex two way synchronization in both directions.

Local or Remote

CrushSync doesn't care if a target source location, or destination location is a local folder on your hard drive, or a remote folder on a FTP or WebDAV server. It treats them all the same and it just works!

Fast, Efficient

You can multi thread your synchronizations so that while one big file is slowly transferring, it can still keep working doing all the other small files. The multi threading can result in significant performance increases over other synching software.


CrushSync is fully supported with CrushFTP and can provide optimizations for faster synchronizations other servers may not be able to handle. CrushSync is backwards compatible with other FTP and WebDAV servers as well still though.


You can create synchronization groups that will run a set of synchronizations at a scheduled time. This allows you to have fine grained control over how you synchronize items.


You can enable compression, and where possible, the synchronizations will be uploaded compressed. Using CrushFTP as the server allows for an automatic decompression as well for a faster overall sychronization on a slower network connection.

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