Remote Synchronization, Local Synchronization, Backup
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CrushSync — smart synchronization software.

What is CrushSync?
CrushSync is software that lets you backup files to a remote location, or locally on your existing network or hard drives. It does this intelligently by synchronizing files based on when they were last modified. You can setup automatic schedules so it will run unattended and take care of keeping your files up to date. CrushSync supports two way synchronizations allowing you make changes in either location and it will synchronize the files back and forth. It can handle synchronizations to local files and folders as well as items on FTP servers, WebDAV servers, or SFTP servers!
  • Supports Multiple Protocols : Easily backup / synchronize files on local hard drives, or to a remote server.
  • Cross platform : Runs on OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.
  • Scheduled Synchronizations : Setup times when you want synchronizations to run automatically.
  • Easy to Use : Takes only a few minutes to be up and running with your first synchronization complete.
  • Many More Features : See the features page for a full list of what CrushSync can do.

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