Remote Synchronization, Local Synchronization, Backup
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Fast Multi-Threaded   CrushSync uses multiple threads to perform synchronizations. This provides great benefits in speed especially when working over a slow network connection.
Merged, Two Way, or Copy   Different types of synchronizations for different tasks. Sometimes you may want to just copy the files, sometimes you may want the Two Way automatic synchronization. The Two Way method handles local or remote file / folder deletions. Copy synchronizations is a "replace" synchronization. Everything on the destination will be replaced with the source files. Anything on the destinations that is not on the source, will be deleted.
Preview   Not sure what might have changed? The preview options shows you the actions CrushSync will take when the synchronization is run. It will show you the files and folders that changed along with the action its going to take on those items. It helps give you more control over the process.
Schedules   Configure multiple schedules to automatically run your synchronization when you want to. You can run it by the minute, hour, day, week, or month with specific controls on each.
Schedule Summary   Not sure what schedules you have configured and when they will be running next? The schedule summary lists all of your upcoming synchronizations.
Remote Folder Browser   No need to guess the path on a remote server! Easily browse the folders, and know for sure CrushSync understands the folder you want.
Monitor Sync   Watch the sync progress, see exactly what file it's working on, and how long until it's done.
Logging   Logging keeps track of what schedules ran, changes made to the synchornizations, what files were copied, deleted, etc along with any errors that might have been reported.
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